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batho A website featuring poets’ responses to current issues facing children and youth

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The purpose of this website is to provide a forum through which poets can respond to issues affecting children and youth. It is my hope that those reading these poems, engaging in this site, will be inspired to become agents of change within their communities.

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mouflon There are many ways to help a child in need. There can be donations of time and/or money to reputable programs that provide needed services, emergency and long-term. However, building awareness is an integral step in creating change. Through words, through poetry, we can build a bridge or create stepping stones on the path towards change.

The world is a scary place. It is even scarier for children. Consider these statistics for children living in the United States:

  Now consider what you can do to help:


Terms & Definitions

agent of change
is aware, compassionate, committed, and takes action
is the connection of a group of people through geography and/or identity
responsive poet
is a poet who uses her or his words to raise awareness and instigate change
children and youth
are persons from birth to adulthood (in the US adulthood is assumed at age 18)